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The fireplaces are an integral part of any home. Especially if you are living in the cold regions, then you cannot afford to miss the fireplace in your home. Fireplaces can’t be built in every room of the house or at least in the living room. But the problem with a traditional fireplace is that you need to take care of them. For example, wood-burning fireplace needs regular maintenance and you have to feed wood to them, every time you want to light the fire. Also, the wooden fireplaces were risky as the flame is not in your control. One other disadvantage of a traditional fireplace is that you can’t regulate the heat generated by them. As they used wood as their fuel, so you will be getting the same level of heat every time. 

But now the wooden fireplace has been replaced by the gas fireplace Canberra. They are safer, convenient and efficient. There are numerous reasons, one should opt for Gas fireplace;

  1. You don’t have to be feeding wood to your fireplace. The gas log fires Sydney will keep their flame on as long as the gas supply doesn’t run out. Whereas for wood, you have to be on toes to keep it lit. For example, you will be adding woods after a regular interval to get the consistent heat supply, but in case of the gas fireplace, you just have to turn the key once.
  2. The first most benefit of having a gas fireplace is that it will make your life easy. There will be no wood in use, so you will be getting heat from gas which will not leave any residue or ash. You don’t have to clean your fireplace regularly and due to absence of ash, the surroundings will also be clean. 
  3. The wood fireplace is not friendly to your pocket and environment. As you will be chopping woods by yourself or buying wood. In both case wood, will be expensive as compared to gas. In the end, the gas fireplace will be having 3 times less running cost than a wood fireplace. 
  4. If you are having kids at your home, then don’t go for a wood fireplace. Kids will be fascinated to see the fire in their home, but they can be notorious also. This can lead to serious injury or accident. But in case of a gas fireplace, you can even control the fireplace with remote control. Also, kids will be unable to get any ash or burnt pieces of wood to make a mess with it. 
  5. The old wood fireplace was not possible without a chimney. So in past, if you want to have a fireplace at your home, then build chimney first. But now gas fireplace has eliminated chimney from house architecture. There will be no smoke so what’s the use of having a chimney. This reduces the construction and chimney sweeping cost