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When it comes to deciding the grass you want for your lawn there are many options to consider from so it is normal for people to feel confused. Your lawn can dictate the overall appearance of your house so it is important that you choose the right turf in order to make sure that it looks aesthetically appealing throughout the year. Moreover, if you have a healthy lawn with thick grass then it is also going to be extremely beneficial for the environment. 

One of the main purpose apart from aesthetic appeal of lawn grass is to help you maintain a good atmosphere by cleaning the air and trapping carbon dioxide. So, if you are looking for some of the most popular turf option then look no further because buffalo turf has time and time again proven to be one of the most popular grass in the world. So, in this article we will be talking more about buffalo grass and three reasons that why it is so popular nowadays.

Drought Resistance

If you do not like the idea of watering the grass too frequently or are just generally a very busy person who does not get the time then do not worry. Being busy does not take your right away of having a lavish and aesthetically appealing lawn. In fact, if you are looking for a grass with drought resistance then buffalo grass proves to be a great candidate for that and also one of the reason that why so many people all over Australia are opting for it nowadays.

Low Maintenance

Apart from drought resistance another major benefit of the buffalo turf is that you would not have to mow it frequently. It is a low growing grass so even if you do not mow it for months, its length is not going to make your lawn look like a forest. So, once again for all the busy people out there who want to maintain a lawn but do not want to spend time mowing, buffalo grass is your ideal choice.

Low Fertility Requirement

The icing on the cake is that the once you purchase the buffalo turf you would not even have to spend too much extra money on supplemental fertilization. This grass is going to remain in good density for a long time due to its low fertility requirement.

These were just three of the reasons that why the buffalo turf is so popular in Australia. So, if you want to pick the best grass which would also save your time by not asking for too much maintenance, then you can go for buffalo grass without any hesitations to make your garden look as luxurious as possible.